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That Toy is Possessed by the Devil

Scene: twenty-something woman sitting in her bedroom folding laundry in an empty house when suddenly music starts blaring over the baby monitor.

This isn’t the first time a toy has gone off without warning but usually I was walking through the house and the vibrations could explain it. This day I hadn’t moved in a solid ten minutes and the house we just moved into is much sturdier and things don’t shake when toddlers walk.

I instantly knew what was happening. The toy, which had never gone off without prompting before, is possessed. It’s the only option.

Those eyes scream possessed by evil

I’m not sure when it picked up an evil spirit and I’m not sure why any evil spirit would chose to possess a plastic turtle that plays Mario music but now it plays without warning at random times throughout the day.

I’m not sure but I think it’s slowly inching its way out of the bedroom. It seemed much further from the wall last night when I went to put the baby to bed.

I’ve seen chucky, I know how these things end. I am heading out after work to speak to a priest about having it de-possessed. I’ve got a Wiccan on speed dial who will come cleanse it for me. I’ll pray to all the gods old and new to get the evil out of this thing.

I’d just pitch it but Monster thinks the toy is awesome and would be heartbroken to see it go.

Anyone happen to know how to depossess a toy? If you have any suggestions I’ll be over here watching horror movies to see what they do…


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