Do You Even Have Kids?

In the endless battle of potty training I found myself price shopping online for the best deal on potty training underwear (and let me tell you I can write a whole blog on the racket that is potty training underwear. 3/$8 for tiny human underwear??!?!) and came across this gem:



I stopped and stared at it for a long time and realized this was clearly designed by someone who either doesn’t have children, has never potty trained a child, or hates parents everywhere. The first thing I see is that toilet paper being pulled off the spool completely by a bored toddler being forced to sit on the potty for the umpteenth time that day. Then, when they do eventually pee, it all goes into the bowl to be scooped out by mom or dad.

Because nothing says fun like fishing a giant wad of toilet paper out of a fake potty while your toddler dances around naked waiting to wash their hands. And if it’s my toddler the longer they’re naked the higher the risk of shit on the floor. Literally. 

This got me thinking about the broad range of items clearly designed by people who have never had kids and know nothing about parenthood on the go as so many of us are these days.


There were the sippy cups that don’t fit into any sort of cup holder and were constantly getting lost, the baby carriers clearly designed by someone who has never tried to carry a live baby before, the pack and play designed for giants that I fell into once trying to close it.

There’s the sixty kinds of bottle nipples and pacifiers you go through hoping your baby will take to just one of them, please dear god take to one of them!

There are so many products out there you can get for babies, it’s a billion dollar business after all, but some of them defy common sense. Yet, parents shell out top dollar for these ridiculous things because we’re convinced this will be the product to make our lives easier, to make something quicker/simpler/better.

Parents are the eternal optimists of the world. They’re always convinced something out there will make rasing a child easier when it’s arguably the hardest job ever.

Now excuse me, I’m off to find underwear to help me potty train my toddler.


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